• Emma Mufundi

Tech you need to boost productivity

In light of Tech Week, we thought it would only be fitting to dive into how technology streamlines how we get things done in the workplace. Since the UK is a hub of tech start-ups it's only fitting that there are technological solutions to everyday silent productivity killers. Namely, ineffective communication processes, unproductive meetings and distractions.

Brace yourself for some hot tips!

Ineffective communication

Technology is ubiquitous in our everyday lives and it’s shaping the way we communicate in the workplace.

Email, for example, is shifting from the main form of professional communication in the face of professional messaging platforms, like Slack. This shift should be viewed positively as the use of group messaging platforms is similar to the way we communicate outside of work on social media platforms. This means more informal communication which should lead to better working relationships and better inclusion in the workplace.

Another key benefit to these messaging systems is the additional organisation. Long gone is digging through email threads to find one important point. Specialised searches and navigation options in these systems equals quicker recall and less time tediously fussing with unhelpful search bars.

An equally important consideration is mobile accessible content. Increased mobile phone use means that communication should be streamlined to appeal to the mobile user. There's nothing more daunting than a never-ending email you have to read on a tiny phone screen.

Notably, a recent study has revealed that 6 in 10 professionals use their phones to look for work. This means your communication strategy should extend to your recruitment and on-boarding process.

Unproductive meetings

Meetings are part and parcel of everyday business dealings. However large numbers of workers report unproductive meetings as a key frustration at work. So, what exactly is it about meetings that makes them so unproductive? Common gripes include a lack of clarity and task assignment.

Fortunately, technology can play a hand in making positive improvements. Firstly, software options that record and transcribe meetings. This could be useful not only in keeping track of information but identifying patterns that are disrupting meetings and hindering effective communication.

Unclear task assignment is another common problem that can be improved with the use of project management software like Trello or Basecamp. These systems offer clear to do lists and provide concise records of exactly who is doing what and in what amount of time.

With software options like these available on the market, efficiency can be integrated into this regular activity.


Let’s face it, your employees are likely to become distracted over the course of the workday. Mobile technology, in particular, can be a go-to procrastination station. So how can you ensure your employees are focused on the tasks before them? Or, that they’re not preoccupied with the latest social media buzz? Network restrictions.

You can customise the network you provide to prohibit access to the most used tools of distraction. These could differ from company to company but at least you can rest assured that your team have one thing on their minds, the work at hand!

With these productivity killers in mind, we have one last suggestion to help you eliminate the time you spend recruiting short term talent. Traditional recruitment processes often suffer from all three of the above-mentioned productivity killers. This doesn’t have to be the case.

At Werkabee, we simplify the process and eliminate the tedium by providing you with a short list of ideal candidates through our Werkplacement service. Better yet, our solutions are built to ensure efficient communication, they’re fully accessible a range of users and they’re cost-effective. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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