Our company creates innovative solutions which support the employability and mobility of students, graduates and under-represented groups across the UK/EU.


We're also committed to making it faster and easier for companies and professionals to connect with and road-test student or graduate talent.


We're looking to build a supportive partner network of quality UK educational institutions and business organisations, with a focus on implementation of simple, mutually-beneficial partnership agreements.


By partnering with us and helping support our mission, your institution also stands to benefit in many great ways.  

 Career Support Partnerships 

We're interested in partnering with universities, colleges, schools, training providers and academic or commercial research institutions who are committed to boosting the employability and mobility of students, graduates and disadvantaged groups, whilst providing employer and business alumni networks with new and innovative short-term hiring solutions.


  • Revenue generation- Werkabee & Werkplacement
  • Freed up staff resource
  • Boosted student opportunity & employability
  • Improved graduate destination data

  • Improved student satisfaction surveys

  • Increased international student mobility

  • Widening participation, social impact and inclusion

  • Stronger university-business collaboration

Business Partnerships

We're interested in partnering with micro, small-medium, start-up and corporate enterprises across all in-demand industries who are looking to improve the speed and efficiency of their student and graduate talent hiring strategy, and offer a higher level of opportunity to disadvantaged groups.  


  • Easier and faster student/graduate hiring

  • Recruitment expense reductions

  • Social and corporate responsibility contributions

  • Raised academic awareness

  • Stronger university-business collaboration

  • Advanced academic community goodwill  

Why partner with us?

By partnering with Werkabee, your organisation's entire student and graduate network will benefit from 100% free and unrestricted use of both the Werkabee smartphone app and Werkplacement on-line service.


We also provide access to social media networking groups, app support resources, and direct alerts which continually notify career-seekers of suitable opportunities.

A partnership agreement would involve a regular schedule of co-branded promotion of one or both of our solutions amongst your institution's student, employer and alumni networks. In exchange, your institution will receive a mutually agreed percentage share of revenue generated from their use.


We’ll work with you in advance to develop an effective on-going marketing strategy and promotional schedule which utilises your most suitable on-line and off-line outreach channels, and we'll continue to provide engaging, co-branded marketing content for your approval prior to circulation.  


Revenue Streams 


Costs for use of our solutions are passed directly onto opportunity providers- (ie) the companies from your employer and business alumni networks. There are no costs to your institution or student/graduate body.


  • Stream 1- Companies and professionals pay an annual subscription fee for unrestricted use of the Werkabee smartphone app, directly in the app (in-app purchases).

  • Stream 2- Companies and professionals pay a one-time, all inclusive fee for use of either the Express or Premium Werkplacement on-line service, directly through our company website (PayPal, debit/credit card).


An agreed percentage of revenue from both solutions is apportioned monthly or quarterly to your institution as per the terms of our partnership agreement.


Current set pricing for Werkabee and Werkplacement is flexible and to be confirmed, while discounts to employers from your networks may be applied at our agreed discretion. Any fees for white-labelling or exclusive use licencing can be negotiated at an appropriate stage.



If you'd like to discuss further or meet so we can demo our solutions for you, please contact us anytime at and we'll get back to you right away.




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