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FIRST app designed exclusively for professional work experience and early career networking.

SUPPORTS any type of work experience opportunity or entrepreneurial collaboration worldwide.

SUITABLE for any student, graduate, entrepreneur, business organisation or professional looking to connect, collaborate or recruit.

ANALYSES profile information based on location personal, cultural and workplace attributes.

TARGETS personality, attitude, passions, values and workplace fit- not just skills and experience.

CONNECTS opportunity-seekers with the right organisations, opportunities and collaborators for their personality and career.

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Silver screen.


Not only does it have animated bee-people and a jaunty tune, our original explainer video explains the initial concept behind Werkabee. And if that's not enough, you also get to meet our lovable characters Alice (a graduate from London) and Mike (a marketing exec from the Big Apple)...

Early demo.

We show you the function behind Werkabee's initial concept in this cellphone-spinning, screen-scrolling, Scottish-speaking original demo video. Werkabee is more than just a gorgeous iOS & Android app, though- we're building an entire platform for web too...

All around the world students, graduates and entrepreneurs need help with the same thing- finding great career opportunities. We gave these lucky guys and girls a sneak peek of the first Werkabee prototype, and asked them to share their thoughts...

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