Our mission is to completely transform the way that students, graduates, entrepreneurs and disadvantaged youth connect and collaborate with the UK/EU business community.


And you could be part of it!


As a brand new, innovative start up company, we’re looking for motivated people to join us on the ground floor in lots of different and exciting ways, and to help us grow fast. You don’t have to have lots of experience, and you get to work flexibly and remotely from anywhere you like.  

So if you’d like to get on board, build up your portfolio of professional experience and help us really make a difference, we’d love to hear from you.  

Who are we looking for?


Exactly how you’d like to get involved with Werkabee is up to you. You'll work closely with a very enthusiastic and supportive founding team, and all we ask in return is that you’re passionate, creative, believe in what we do and can commit at least part-time.


  • Work Experience

  • Interns 

  • Volunteers 

  • Researchers

  • App Beta Testers

  • Werkplacement Consultants (commission-paid) 


What are we looking for? 

At Werkabee, we care about your career development. We believe that your personal attributes are what's most important, not just skills and experience. And just like the businesses we work with, we're interested in your potential, not your credentials. Your attitude, not your CV.


So we want you to get involved in ways which let you train the skills you have, and develop the ones you don't. Explore the career paths you're most interested in, and discover ones you never knew were there.


Just tell us what you're best at and what you'd like to do- we'll have a quick chat, and see where things go from there.  

  • Social Media

  • Events & Promotion 

  • Digital Marketing

  • Client Sales

  • Business Development

  • Graphic Design

  • Market Research

  • Recruitment

  • SEO & Analytics




Right now all opportunities at Werkabee are offered on a voluntary basis, however we do have roles open for commission-paid Werkplacement Consultants.


Opportunities with us are particularly suitable for entrepreneurs, those seeking work-life balance, valuable extra-curricular experience or academic credit towards a programme of study. You'll boost your employability and get a great reference too!


As we grow, we’ll be taking on more paid staff. So show us what you're capable of and you'll be a front runner.




Opportunities at Werkabee are ongoing. There's no deadline, and no application forms, CV's or cover letters required.

Just use the form below to tell us a bit about yourself and why you'd make a great member of the team.


We look forward to hearing from you!




The Werkabee Team 

Join Us.

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