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Instant matching and shortlisting

The Werkabee app loads an instant, ranked and manageable shortlist of your strongest matches, right there on your smartphone. Want more options? Search new recommendations or hit 'Refresh' for a brand new list.  

Easy profile builder

Quick profile set up lets you show your brand, attributes, what you're looking for and what you have to offer all in one place. It's goodbye forever to CVs, cover letters, applications and vacancy ads.

Unrestricted contact

There's no waiting to be found with Werkabee. You can make contact with anyone you like immediately via instant messaging or live video chat, or recommend other users to friends or colleagues.

Availability calendar

Busy schedule? Werkabee's availability calendar lets you set specific days, weeks and months you're free to take up or offer an opportunity.  

Global search

You get to control where Werkabee takes you. Search for companies offering internships and work experience locally or in any city worldwide.  

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