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The Werkabee app is currently in beta and being tested in-house. But before it's ready to go live on the App Store and Google Play, we need to make some improvements.


So we're conducting a beta test survey to see what real target users think of the prototype, and to make sure we're on the right track.


As an official beta tester, you'll be first to try Werkabee under real conditions, and you'll stay automatically connected for all updated versions of the app in the future.


Your critical and honest feedback will be extremely valuable in identifying the flaws, bugs and improvements which can be made to the app's final design, feel and functions prior to wider release.


The survey is a short and simple, asking you to comment on your personal experience using the Werkabee app including the things you like, the things you don't, and the things you think could be improved.


It's free, voluntary to participate, fully confidential and only takes a few minutes.


Sign up as a beta tester below and we'll send you the app, then start the survey whenever you're ready.


Thanks for taking part!




The Werkabee Team


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